Bed Bugs Treatment Melbourne

Sleep tight – don’t let the bed bugs bite. This is not just a good night’s wish; bed bugs can in reality rob your night of a peaceful sleep! But worry no more because Pest Disturbers Pty Ltd are here to provide their clients in Melbourne effective bed bugs treatment so they can enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating night’s sleep!

Are Bed Bugs your Bed Mates?

Bed bugs are usually active in the night and they go on about doing what they do while you sleep, unaware of their presence. Bed bug bites seem quite harmless in the beginning since they do not cause much pain initially. However, as time passes by, the bites become a source of itching temptations and that’s when they begin to hurt.

If you are not sure whether you require bed bugs treatment by us, here are a few signs to look out for, which are a clear signal that you need to give us a call:

  • When you go to sleep itchy spots free but wake up with different spots on your arms, legs and other body areas that begin to grow into itchy spots;
  • When your bed has suddenly developed an unusual kind of unpleasant odour, it could be from the bed bugs glands;
  • When you see small blood spots on your sheets, bedspreads and pillows that you cannot figure how they got there;
  • Small evidences of eggs, excrement or faeces on your bed, pillows and sheets. Chances are that they could have been left there by the bed bugs.

Bed bugs are great escape artists and experts at hiding from your eyes. They can usually be found hidden in your mattresses, couch cushions, bed boxes, bed frames, bed headboards and other similar places. Their bodies are teeny tiny, which is why they could have remained undetected by you till they spread out their modus operandi and became a problematic pest infestation!

Bed Bugs Facts

Whichever area of Melbourne you are living in, do not get fooled by the small size of a bed bug and think you can do without bed bugs treatment. Bed bugs are equally annoying and dangerous pests. Their size allows them to occupy the smallest of crevices in your home and then spread out in all your rooms and gain access to your entire home. They can also be found hidden in the fabric of your furniture.

They feed on your blood, mostly while you are asleep. They attack any exposed area of your body and create itch spots on your skin. This makes your face, arms, hands, legs and feet victims of bed bug attacks.

A bed bug bite looks like a small bump on your skin and you may dismiss it off as a mosquito bite. Normally, one does not take the bed bug bite seriously since it is painless. You can get rid of the bump by applying a prescribed ointment if it becomes too itchy or painful.

Bed bugs are nasty and children are well justified in being scared of them! If you are not sure whether your home is infested with bed bugs, our team of experts can survey your property to study the signs. In case you do have bed bugs in your home in Melbourne, we will get rid of them with our top quality bed bugs treatment. So just give us a call and handover your pest worries to us at Pest Disturbers Pty Ltd!

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