How to Get Rid of Weevils in 5 Simple Steps

Weevils (or pantry moths) breed more in unclean surroundings so when you start seeing an infestation, you need to immediately clean your pantry thoroughly and keep it that way. Also make sure you don’t leave any food out in the open. Here are five simple steps you can take to get rid of weevils – and keep them away.

  1. Make sure there is an infestation. Pantry moths or weevils leave telltale signs around the kitchen like sticky secretions clumping your grains together, tiny holes in containers as well as webbing in corners. Also, if you find little bugs in your stored food or locate little moths flying around the kitchen, you would probably need to stop and eradicate the infestation.
  2. Once you are sure there is an infestation, clean the infested area thoroughly. First start by vacuuming the entire affected area and then follow it up by scrubbing the whole area with soap and water. Make sure you don’t leave any corners or hard-to-reach areas out otherwise you risk having another infestation soon.
  3. If there is any stored food that has any signs of weevil infestation, carefully remove it and throw it away. Don’t try to remove food portions you think are clean.
  4. Once you have cleaned the infested area and thrown the infested food away, make sure you store the remaining food securely in tightly sealed metal, glass or hard plastic containers. Of course, make sure that the containers are absolutely clean by washing then well with soap and hot water and then drying them thoroughly so no moisture remains. Do not ever store food in plastic bags as insects can easily make holes through the thin plastic sheets and get into your food.
  5. Take away the catalyst for the infestation which is improperly stored food. Also, make sure you remove any breeding grounds for the weevils by eliminating any rodent nests or any other unclean area.

Do these simple tasks and soon you will be free of any weevil infestation. More importantly, you will keep those nasty bugs away.

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