Cockroach Control Melbourne

Cockroaches are pests that can cause feelings of disgust and become a source of ill-feelings, especially if they occupy your property in large numbers. You may come across one odd cockroach in your bathroom or kitchen and would be happy to get rid of it by stepping on it. But when they infest your home, office or commercial set-up in a fleet, the pests become a menace and require your immediate attention. We bring to our clients in Melbourne services of cockroach control to keep your properties cockroach free.

Coachroach exterminationAlthough cockroaches occupy dirty places, it is quite possible that you could own the cleanest of homes, office or commercial set-up and your property may still become a choice of residence for cockroaches. Cockroaches carry bacteria that can become a reason for illness. They get into your food, inside your cupboards, utensils and electronic items and leave faeces, eggs and bacteria behind. They can nestle in your wooden frames by creating small holes in them or in your wooden cabinets. They can also occupy cracks in the walls and start to spread quickly in your entire property, from one room to another, growing and multiplying.

Once they invade your home, these unwanted guests will not leave very easily. Like most other pests, they generate activity during the nights, when humans are sleeping, unaware of the pests roaming around their rooms. Cockroaches need water for survival and also like to feed on any food items you leave behind. They love grease from the stoves and other sources and also love to attack crumbs that you have left behind on the table, floor or carpet. Newspapers are one of the favourite attractions for cockroaches so you must ensure you do not line up your drawers and cabinets with them.

Facts about Cockroaches

Cockroaches in small numbers may seem harmless, but it is vital for you to take action even if you spot a few cockroaches around your home, office or commercial property. Wherever you are located in Melbourne, you must call us for providing you cockroach control because:

  • Cockroaches are fast pests that can run with a speed of almost three miles an hour. Imagine the damage multiple cockroaches can do by spreading germs and bacteria in an hour?
  • Cockroaches grow into adults within 40 days and begin spreading germs and diseases across your property.
  • Getting rid of them by washing them away with water is a difficult task because cockroaches are known to be able to hold their breath for as long as 40 minutes.
  • Cockroaches are tough survivors and can go as long as a week without their heads!

Getting rid of cockroaches is therefore not an easy task. Being professionals in our industry, our top quality cockroach control services for our clients in Melbourne can prove to be highly effective in helping you get rid of cockroach infestation. So give us a call at Pest Disturbers Pty Ltd or send us an email and our team will be with you to deal with your pest-y situation!

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With 10 Years of experience in pest control-this brings peace of mind as we know how to take care of your situation.

We are your pest professionals and are fully trained to understand your immediate issue and investigate the cause of the problem to prevent in future.

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