Property Pre-Purchase

Therefore, you have set your eyes on a property you saw up for sale that perfectly meets your requirements! Whether you are buying a property for domestic usage or commercial, it is best to get a pre-inspection done of all rooms and installments of the buildings to ensure it is worth the buy!

One of the most important aspects you need to conduct pre-purchase inspection for is pest infestation. A number of times what seems like a wonderful buy may actually not be one due to the pest habitats hidden inside wallpapers, cabinets and other corners of the property. These pests may have weakened the overall structure of the property through creating holes and gaps in the walls and frames of the structure. The woodwork of properties is at risk of catching termites, the cupboards can have cockroach habitats and kitchen cabinets can have cockroaches living in them.

Apart from being a nuisance and reducing the property’s value, buying a property which has a pest problem can be quite detrimental and hazardous for your health as well. Pests such as mosquitoes can bite and transmit diseases; flies also carry germs and can become a source of catching infections.

Once you have occupied the property it may become very difficult for you to get rid of the pests and therefore getting a property pre-purchase inspection done is highly essential and beneficial. At Pest Disturbers, we have made a checklist of all the areas that require thorough checking during the pre-purchase inspection and you can trust us to provide you with an accurate report on the pest situation of any property.



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